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In some cases, chelation treatments are given too rapidly to achieve full benefit or contains a  less effective form of calcium EDTA, which is often infused much too rapidly, instead of the approved disodium EDTA infused slowly over 3 hours. This protocol has has been proven safe and effective over more than 40 years of clinical use.

Ineffective and potentially dangerous forms of  EDTA by mouth or rectal suppository are sometimes recommended. Those treatments may remove a small amount metals from the body, but there is no evidence that this benefits atherosclerosis or cardiovascular disease.

Educate yourself and investigate for competence and scientific training before selecting a provider. Ask hard questions. Buyer beware.

Do not fall for the heavy metal detoxification sales pitch. EDTA has virtually no effect on mercury or arsenic toxicity, while DMSA, available on prescription [Chemet(R), or succimer generic [available at any pharmacy], taken by mouth, removes lead, mercury and arsenic without the need to leave your home. There is no scientific evidence that benefits of EDTA chelation to treat age-related cardiovascular disease are caused by heavy metal detoxification. There are many other more important benefits.

THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF ANY CLINIC OR PRACTITIONER: Bear in mind that chelation practitioners need only to pay membership dues to be a referral list. Names on the referral list only include chelation providers who pay yearly membership dues to the American College for Advancement in Medicine or a similar organization. Not all practitioners on that list are equally qualified. Other chelation providers may be equally well qualified and belong to other professional organizations, especially those who practice in countries other than the USA.

You can a access a database listing chelation practitioners on the internet at:


To telephone for a referral call: 1-800-532-3688. Ask for as many names and numbers as you can get close to you, so that you have a choice and can find the best.

The link below leads to another chelation group, especially outside the USA


To further help you in your selection of a chelation provider, read Dr. Cranton’s book, Bypassing Bypass Surgery. The book is available on amazon.com as both a paperback and Kindle eBook.

For technical details, including the many scientific studies and clinical trials supporting chelation therapy, you are directed to Dr. Cranton’s TEXTBOOK ON EDTA CHELATION THERAPY.

In your search for the right chelation clinic we suggest that you first ask in depth questions on the telephone; then visit the prospective clinic in person. The practitioner and staff will usually answer questions and show you around without charge, if no other service is provided and you visit only to become acquainted:
Interview the health care providers and staff
Take a tour of the clinic.
Talk with patients while they receive chelation therapy.
Are the health care providers fully licensed and credentialed?
Are adequately trained staff present?
Is the clinic sanitary, modern, and professional?
Are procedures described below, in Dr. Cranton’s books, and on this website being followed?

BE CAUTIOUS if any of the following practices (that Dr. Cranton warns against) are being used

*** Are EDTA infusions being given in less than 3 hours? Half the dose in half the time may be beneficial, but is not as effective. A full dose in less than 3 hours can be dangerous. Shorter treatments benefit only the provider, by reducing overhead expenses for expensive floor space and nursing staff.

*** Are treatments for atherosclerosis given which contain no EDTA (so-called nutritional IV's). These may be useful separately or for other reasons but they do not substitute for EDTA chelation therapy. Dr. Cranton sees no reason to give an infusion without EDTA during a course of chelation therapy. Other ingredients are often added a no additional charge.

***Is calcium EDTA being used instead of the more effective disodium EDTA?.
      (calcium-disodium EDTA is the same as calcium EDTA)

*** Is hydrogen peroxide or ozone given as part of a chelation program? We know of no evidence that either ozone or intravenous hydrogen peroxide provide chelation benefit when added to EDTA for treating heart and artery disease. They may be useful in other ways, but there is no evidence for such treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Cranton does not consider these a part of the chelation protocol.

*** Is so-called “Plaquex” (an IV infusion of phospholipids) being given as a treatment for atherosclerosis, instead of EDTA? Plaquex may temporarily relieve symptoms, but there is no scientific evidence for lasting benefit.

*** EDTA does not remove mercury and arsenic. DMSA (sucimer) by mouth is the best treatment for mercury and arsenic removal but requires a prescription. Intravenous DMPS is obsolete, potentially toxic, and no longer recommended.

*** Are trace elements such as zinc, selenium, chromium, manganese, and copper added to the intravenous infusion? Trace elements are safer when given by mouth and have a potential for serious side effects if slightly too much is given intravenously. (Magnesium, however, is safe and may be useful in the chelation infusion.)

*** Is EDTA administered by mouth or suppository? EDTA is not absorbed by those routes (less than 7%)—although some deceptive advertisers claim otherwise using data they produce themselves. Dr. Cranton also considers EDTA by mouth or suppository as potentially harmful.

*** Don't fall for the "nanobacteria" sales pitch. The "nanobacteria" story is being used in a deceptive way to market EDTA suppositories. The data used to support that theory are unproven and have largely been discredited. For more on nanobacteria see Dr. Cranton’s Internet website.

*** Read the instructions on this website and learn how the correct dose of EDTA is computed individually for each patient, including the ingredients used in each infusion, with detailed written instructions for doctors and nurses.

*** If a clinic or provider is not following this scientifically proven and updated protocol, ask hard questions and assure yourself about the scientific background and competence of the provider. We increasingly hear of very strange, exploitive, and sometimes dangerous practices being marketed as chelation therapy. If you have a good feeling about the clinic and staff, in light of the above, then go for it!

You are welcome to print out the full Protocol and Nurse's Orders for EDTA Chelation Therapy from this website and ask your provider to follow that protocol during your course of therapy (recently updated since Dr. Cranton’s TEXTBOOK ON EDTA CHELATION THERAPY. Expect some disagreement and variations from clinic to clinic. Ask questions and then decide what is best for you.

If methods differ from what is recommended above, ask to see scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness for any deviations from the published protocol. The studies summarized on this website document safety and effectiveness from more than 60 years of clinical experience and more than million patients. If you are told about a new "Swiss Study" or something similar which alters the protocol, ask to read a copy. You will probably find that either it does not exist, is not a scientific study, or states something quite different.

It is relatively easy to design and publish a sham study to make it deceptively appear scientific. Critics of chelation therapy have been doing this for years. Examples of deceptive studies are critiqued in detail on this Internet website and in the cited books.

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