Antarctic Map
EMC Byrd Snowmobile
Station Map
Elmer M. Cranton, M.D., LT, MC, USN,
South Pole geodesic survey marker
EMC geographic South Pole
Cranton Bay on Antarctic Map
Cranton Bay -  satellite photo
Cranton Bay Antarctica , Satellite Summer View
Glacier at Ocean
Elmer in  Christchurch, New Zealand NZ
McMudo Station, Mt. Erebus volcano in background
McMurdo icebreaker cutting channel
McMurdo from Scott Point
McMurdo airport on the ice
McMurdo Sound aerial Wedell seals sunning
McMurdo ice breakers and tanker
McMudo Station Summer
McMurdo Dispensary
McMurdo Helicopter
EMC Helicopter trip  to dry valley
McMurdo Sound glacier sea ice
Wedell seal sunning McMurdo
Wedell seal
McMurdo from Scott Point
Scott Station NZ
Dog sled ride out to the seals
Dog team and Wedell seals NZ base
Hallet Station R4D DC3 on Skis
Hallet Station from the air
Cabin enroute Hallet Station
Adele penguins Hallet Station
Adele penguins
Elmer at Hallet Station. Adele penguin rookery
C-130 cabin enroute South Pole
Aerial view on trip to So Pole
C-130 cockpit trip to So. Pole Station
Aerial view enroute to South Pole
South Pole Station air field C-130
EMC at geographic south pole
South Pole Station
South Pole Station storage tunnel
C-130 cabin enroute Vostok
Vostok Station C-130
Vostok Station
Elmer at Russian  Vostok Station
Elmer with  Russian crew,  Vostok
Plateau Station
Plateau Station
Brd Station overview and  entrance tunnel
Byrd C-130 offloading
C-130 on Skis at Byrd
Byrd C-130 offloading 2
C-130 and sled backing to ramp
C-130 loading from inside cabin
Byrd entry tunnel on surface
Byrd entry-exit tunnel
Byrd escape hatch ladder to surface
Byrd escape hatch on surface
Byrd Station Plot Map
Byrd Station Plot Map  Numbers
Trench and Arch Construction
Byrd hill over entry drifting
Byrd Station Entrance D-8
Buildings 50 feet under glacier in arched tunnel
Walkway past buildings in tunnels
Walkway to connecting tunnel
Byrd walkway by buildings in tunnels
Byrd deep ice core drill
EMC Officer in Charge Byrd Station
Byrd OinC Office for EMC
Byrd Station main tunnel
D-8 Cat in vehicle tunnel and entrance
Pushing up out of entry ramp
Surface view drifted hill a entrance
Galley building
Byrd Station vehicle tunnel
EMC traveling on surface
Byrd Station vehicle tunnel toward garage
Heavy equipment repair garage
Fuel storage 10000 gal bladders
Fuel bladders empty end of season
Four diesel generator bank
Midwinter party June 22
EMC ham radio station McMurdo
Teletype machines for letters home
Radio communications
Byrd radio transmitters
Byrd Station sick bay
Tunnel collapse crushing buildings
Entrance tunnel collapsing -  trash sled
First sunrise in 3 months
Sunrise after 3 months darkness
Keeping the aircraft runway clear
Abandoned 1955 Byrd Station
Abandoned 1955 Byrd Station 2
Abandoned 1955 Byrd Station 3
Abandoned 1955 Byrd Station collapse
Abandoned 1955 Byrd  collapse 2

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