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Early Legacy Ancestral Photos

Sarah Cranton Phillips and captain John Phillips, ca early 1800s

Elmer's Great Grandparents: Henry Levi Cranton and Eliza Crowdis Cranton marriage photo 1859

Photos of the Margaree, Nova Scotia Area

Panoramic view, NE Margaree Valley

Margaree River as it enters the Harbor

Margaree Harbor, where the river meets Northumberland Strait

Cranton Cross Road Community Centre, N.E. Margaree, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Captain Robert Cranton Monument -- front view

Captain Robert Cranton Monument  -- back view

Gravestones and Monuments

Monument to Captain Robert Cranton and Descendents

Gravestone of Walter R. Cranton 1873 - 1966

Gravestone of David Parker Cranton, 1831-1883

Inscription Gravestone of David Parker Cranton, 1831-1883

WW I and WW II War Memorial Monument

George Cranton Family ca. 1916 Including Gravestone, Groveland, Mass.

St Johns Newfoundland ca 1798

St Johns, Newfoundland, as it appeared when Capt Robert Cranton operated his maritime trading company with two  schooners anchored there

More Recent Family Photos

Watson H. Cranton Family, Massachusetts, 1996 Family Photo

 George Cranton Family, ca 1916, Groveland Massachusetts

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