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MacDougall History Inverness County, 1922

History of Nova Scotia written 1871

NE Margaree -- History and Genealogy by Rev. C H C Johnston

History of Northeast Margaree by John Hart, 1963

Guysborough Sketches and Essays by Dr. A.C. Jost, 2009 edition--excerpts

Descendents of John Scranton of Guilford, a full text book - 111 pages, 2 MB

U.E.L. The Great Migration by W. Stewart Wallace

Origins of English Settlement in Newfoundland, 340 pages

The History of Newfoundland by Charles Pedley, 1863, 592 pages, 10 MB

A History of Newfoundland by Prowse, 1895, 903 pages, large file 40 MB

Loyalists in the American Revolution, van Tyne - 371 pages, large file 5 MB

Soe longe as there comes no women, Origins of English Settlement in Newfoundland” by W. Gordon Handcock

English Navigation Acts

Early Birth and Christening Records -- pdf, scroll down when open 

Origins and History of Captain Robert Cranton, ca. 1750 -- 1794

Olde Scottish Records of Ancient Cranton Clans

Margaree Crown Lease Petitions and Land Grants

1811 Robert Cran(s)ton Survey Warrant - Crown Lease at Margaree Harbor

1825 Cranton/Ethridge shared petition for Crown Lease Land Grant

1832 Cranton/Ethridge shared Crown Land Grant Document

William Burton Margaree Land Grant Petition & Christening Record in England

Jonathan Murray, 1818, Land Grant Petition



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