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     Chelation therapy is an intravenous therapy performed in a doctor's office to treat andphoto of patient getting chelation therapy prevent cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, scleroderma, and other age-related problems. Chelation therapy increases blood flow, opening blocked arteries throughout the body. EDTA is administered by slow intravenous infusion, as shown in the picture at the right. The original protocol for administering EDTA was first written by Elmer M. Cranton, MD. Other authors have proposed changes and various versions of that protocol, but the most current, updated, and evidence based protocol can be found on this website.

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A New Theoretical Mechanism of Action: Anti-Chlamydia Activity

Another NIH Study of Chelation Therapy is Planned -- TACT2

NIH TACT Study Proves Chelation Therapy is Beneficial

Dr. Cranton's chelation slides  pdf format, scroll down when opens

All Research Studies Report Benefit from EDTA Chelation Therapy

Listen to Ten Patient Testimonials, in their own voices

Scientific Rationale  for EDTA Chelation Therapy   

Selected Scientific Bibliography for EDTA Chelation Therapy

Videos about Chelation Therapy, Testimonials, Dr. Cranton's Lecture

Slide Show on Chelation Therapy by Dr. Cranton

Audio-visual Slide Show taken from the above movie

Chelation Research is All Positive, there is no Negative Data

Dr. Cranton's Book, "Bypassing Bypass Surgery"


For Help Finding a Chelation Clinic Near You

Attempt to Discredit Chelation Therapy with Junk Science by AMA

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Scientific Rationale for EDTA Chelation Therapy

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EDTA Suppository Ineffective and Potentially Dangerous

New Hope for Victims of Atherosclerosis and Age-Associated Diseases: Chelation Therapy

Legal Status of EDTA Chelation Therapy

Slow 3-hours infusions are necessary for safety and full benefit

Oral Chelation with EDTA is Poorly Absorbed and Potentially Dangerous

Bibliography of Published Research on EDTA Chelation Therapy

Rebuttal to Chelation Critics — Busting the Quackbusters

If EDTA Chelation Therapy is so Good, Why Is It Not More Widely Accepted?

Chelation Critics Deceive the Public

AMA Attempts to Discredit Chelation with Pseudoscience: PATCH Study


Monitoring Kidney Function and Computing EDTA Dosage

Standing Orders for Nurses

Protocol for Mixing EDTA Bottles

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to Enhance Benefits

Excel Spreadsheet Macro to Calculate EDTA

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